Our Fan-Generated Twitter Q&A with Girl Vs. Monster's Kat McNamara!
Q: did you enjoy being in#GirlVsMonster with @Olivia_Holt! ?
Kat: I would LOVE to work on more movies with @Olivia_Holt! She is a sister to me! We have such a blast together!
Q: Who is Her DREAM Co-Star ? I LOVE KAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333
Kat: My dream co-star? There are too many to name! There are so many people I with whom I want to work!
Q: What was the funniest thing that happened while filming Girl vs. Monster? :)
Kat: So many funny things happened on and off the #girlvsmonster set! We had so much fun! Too many stories for 140 characters!
Q: would you ever consider visiting South Africa :)
Kat: I would love to visit South Africa! I love traveling!
Q: In your acting carreer, what is ur ultimate goal?
Kat: My ultimate goal in my career is to become a well respected, consistently working actress.
Q: What's your favorite scene from #GirlvsMonster ?:)
Kat: I loved all the scenes in #GirlvsMonster! I could never choose!
Q: If you could guest star on ANY show, what show would it be?
Kat: I'd love to guest star on #OnceUponATime, #ModernFamily, and#PrettyLittleLiars!
Q: What is you're favorite cake flavor?
Kat: My favorite cake flavors... yellow cake with vanilla icing or carrot cake with cream cheese icing!
Q: Was it fun playing Claire in Kickin' it?
Kat: I love playing #Claire on #kickinit! I hope she returns to #Seaford soon!
Q: Kat ! Oscar , Tony , Emmy or Grammy - if you had to choose winning one , for now at least !
Kat: Couldn't choose! I hope to have the opportunity to win each one day!
Q: Do you have any advice for someone who is 13 and wants to start acting? It has been my lifelong dream! XOXO Alora
Kat: Just be yourself and never stop chasing your dreams!
Q: I love #OneDirection! I could never choose! They're all great!
Kat: do you like @onedirection? and who do you think is cutest in the band?
Q: Which version of #hadmeathello do you like better? Luke or Olivia's?
Kat: I love BOTH versions of #hadmeathello! Watch for the version with all three of us in #GirlvsMonster
Q: Whats your favorite scene,you had filmed <3 :) #GirlsvsMonster
Kat: Couldnt choose a fav #girlvsmonster scene!
Q: the beginning when Myra sings, "Hey, look out...", is that you're real voice?
Kat: the very beginning is my real voice and at the end version of #hadmeathello
Q: Which has been your most challenging role?
Kat: Each role brings new challenges and things to learn!
Q: what's your go-to snack?
Kat: apple and peanut butter!
Q: do you have a favorite band?
Kat: I love #onedirection and #ladyantebellum
Q: What was it like wearing the#GirlVsMonster monster makeup?
Kat: I loved the makeup on #girlvsmonster!
Q: Do you have any shows/movies coming out soon?
Kat: #TomSawyerHuckleberryFinn #Contest
Q: Your real voice is amazing! Please record more songs! :)
Kat: I'd love to record more music! It would be a dream come true!
Q: What song do you like to rock out to in the car?
Kat: I love to rock out to #taylorswift #kellyclarkson #gleesongs or the @pitchperfect soundtrack!
Q: What are you going to be for Halloween?
Kat: I think little red riding hood...
Q: What's your favorite genre of music to sing?
Kat: I love singing, pop, rock, country, and jazz best!
Q: Have you written any original songs?! I'd love to hear them!
Kat: I have written some songs! Look for them soon!
Q: what's your character in#GirlVsMonster like?
Kat: Myra is mean, nasty, and possessive! Then she is possessed and is even meaner! At the end, she turns nice!
Q: How would you describe your everyday fashion style?!
Kat: I would describe my style as classic with a twist! I love pieces that look classic but have a fun twist!
Q: have you always wanted to be an actor?
Kat: not always! I was a ballet dancer and a softball player until I was 12! Now it's my dream!
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